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Following the terrorist attacks in London and the raised state of alert, it is prudent to remind businesses of the need to:

Remain vigilant and:

  • Remind staff to remain vigilant when travelling to and from work and when socialising. Reporting anything they believe is suspicious to police or other relevant authority e.g. station staff.

  • Remind staff not to leave personal possessions unattended at any time either at work or when travelling, as this can cause unnecessary security alerts.

  • Encourage staff at work to immediately report anything they believe is suspicious to their manager.

  • Encourage your staff to maintain a visible presence in the workplace and challenge unusual behaviour and unknown visitors.

For any immediate threats to safety call 999. If you have any information about possible terrorist activity, call the confidential Anti-Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Immediately review:

  • Your security policies and procedures and check that your staff are aware of the procedures, and that they comply with them.

  • Check that your CCTV system is working correctly and the images are properly saved and stored.

  • The contact details you hold for all your staff - are they current?

  • Who else is visiting/working within your building and make sure they are aware of any emergency drills e.g. contractors.

  • Your contingency and business continuity plans and ensure they are up to date and tested.

  • Your procedures for communicating with staff within your building; also consider staff that might be travelling to or from work e.g. telephone cascade procedures.

For advice on general security measures and business continuity visit This site also has links to other relevant websites. 


  • You can obtain the latest travel information from or Ceefax page 436 and Teletext page 164.

  • Encourage your staff to plan their journeys using alternative routes in case this becomes necessary. Pre-planning alternative routes will ensure that staff can arrive to and from work with the minimum of delay.

Additional Information and Advice:

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