Alarms Information


Types of Alarms

What are Police Response Alarms?

    • Alarm systems that are installed by a 'police-recognised' alarm company (see inspectorates below). 
    • Alarm systems which are installed, maintained and used according to British Standards and other Codes of Practice. 
    • When activated the alarm call is dealt with by a 'qualified' Alarm Receiving Centre. Companies that meet the set standards can apply to the police for a URN (Unique Reference Number), this qualifies for a police response.

Other alarms 

    • Alarm systems which are installed/monitored by a non-approved alarm company. 
    • Do not meet standards and conditions needed to qualify for a URN and therefore do not get an automatic police response. 
    • Alarms which are only attended by the police when other information is supplied, such as an eye-witness report of a crime.

Security Systems Policy

Gloucestershire Constabulary have adopted the national ACPO policy for security systems in the county.To see details of the policy please click on the file at the top of this page.

To send a message to the Alarms Administrators for the Constabulary, please email


Gloucestershire Constabulary only recognise alarm companies that are members of either of the following inspectorates;

Tel: 0845 006 3003
Suite 3
131 Bedford Street
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 6LA
Tel: 0191 2963242
Fax: 0191 2962667

Although Gloucestershire Constabulary cannot recommend any individual alarm company; you can be notified if they are on the compliant list. Once the alarm is fitted by an approved company, the company will inform Gloucestershire Constabulary and a Unique Reference Number will be issued; police response will commence after a two week settling in period. Should a high level of false alarms occur, police response will be withdrawn and the customer will be informed. Full details regarding police monitored alarms can be viewed in the Security Systems Policy.

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