Reporting Dissatisfaction & Complaints Against Police Officers & Police Staff

Reporting dissatisfaction with the service you have received

This guide sets out the standards of service we aim to achieve when you report any dissatisfaction with the service you have received.  We aim to do all of this within 24 hours of you reporting that dissatisfaction to us. If you would like to report dissatisfaction as opposed to making a complaint about an officer or member of staff, please click here.

Please view the following standards of service we aim to achieve

All members of staff at Gloucestershire Constabulary know the vital importance of providing the highest possible level of service to the public, although, there may be an occasion where you feel that the conduct of an officer/member of staff falls below the standard that can be expected, or that their actions may amount to misconduct. If this happens, you have the right to complain.
If your complaint is about our policies or procedures, or the general level of service provided, please go to the last paragraph for further information.

Should I make a complaint?

The Constabulary are accountable to the local community and know that public confidence is vital.  The complaints system plays an important part in public reassurance and if you make a complaint we will ensure that you are kept informed of the actions we will take.  You have a right to complain and openly question the actions of the Constabulary.  We will listen to your complaint and take your needs and views seriously. 

In some instances, your complaint may have arisen from a misunderstanding rather than a wrongdoing so there will not be any disciplinary proceedings against officers or staff.  However, we will learn from complaints and change our practices when appropriate. 

When you contact the Constabulary, dependent upon the initial assessment of the matters you raise, a manager will make contact with you at an early stage.  This manager will have responsibility for the policing area connected to the issue you have raised and where possible be a direct manager for any officers and/or members of police staff involved. 

The manager will discuss with you the circumstances of your dissatisfaction, your desired outcome or expectations and set out and explain what processes both internally and regulatory are available to achieve those outcomes and expectations. 

How do I make a complaint?

Find out here with our online guide.

Fill in an electronic complaints form which will be e-mailed to the Professional Standards Department, who aim to respond to you within 15 working days.

What is Local Resolution?

Find out here with our online guide

Where do I get more information from how I can make a complaint?

Further information is available from the IPCC web site, or by requesting a leaflet entitled, "How to Make a Complaint" available from any police station.

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